Finanacial Assurance Services Charleston, SC

Financial Assurance Services

Our firm provides the following assurance services to tax exempt entities…

  • Audit – We will utilize the following measures to analyze your financial statements…
    • Confirming with outside parties
    • Completing physical inspections
    • Testing selected transactions by examining supporting documents

Davis & Company CPAs has performed the annual audit and financial statement presentation for our association and our educational foundation for the past six years. We are pleased, not only with the quality and thoroughness of the work they do for us, but also their respectful approach when offering suggestions for improvement and other value added input.
— Brenda Baker, Director of Finance & Operations, National Association for Campus Activities

An audit provides the highest level of assurance that financial statements fairly represent your organization’s financial position and results of your operation are in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.  

  • Reviews – We will apply inquiry and analytical procedures to financial statements that are provided by your organization to determine if they are reasonable. A review provides limited assurance that no material changes need to be made to the financial statements.
  • Compilations – We will prepare financial statements that are based upon information provided by your organization. Compilations are typically sought by organizations that lack an internal accounting resource.
  • Agreed Upon Procedures – We will work with you to outline agreed upon procedures. Many times agreed upon procedures involve a review of internal controls and policies, details specific to accounts and compliance testing of programs.


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